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Infrastructure and SOPA

Blog: A new book by Madisonian Brett Frischmann is on the cusp of release. “Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources” now has its own page at

Its timing couldn’t be better. Passions over the proposed SOPA (and Protect IP/PIPA, and OPEN, and related) legislation have barely cooled, but debates will certainly continue over Internet governance and copyright infringement on digital networks. Â More legislation is coming. Understanding the Internet as infrastructure — not just the infrastructure of the Internet — is essential to understanding the costs, benefits, and risks of new law in this area. In fact, one might say that the goal here is not simply to minimize the risks associated with the Internet, but to maximize its benefits.  Brett’s book is a great guide.

Speaking of which, David Post has a succinct summary of the problems with SOPA, here.

I was remiss earlier in not linking to SOPA analyses by other Madisonians:

Greg Lastowka posted a commentary here.

Frank Pasquale posted a commentary here.

Updated (later on 2/14):

Bruce Boyden posted a three-part analysis of SOPA on way back in November and December 2011, ages before things really heated up in earnest.  Before, that is, the blackout.  Part I is here.  Part II is here.  Part III is here.